Progress on the road of trials

Since revamping my website, I’ve been extremely busy getting ready to launch the Kickstarter campaign that will hopefully fund the Player Characters’ next record, The Hero’s Journey. With help from my bandmates I’ve spent the past several weeks recording and assembling rough mixes of songs, writing the text for the Kickstarter page itself, gathering promotional images from a variety of helpful sources, and otherwise doing the dozens of little things that are necessary to prepare for such a massive undertaking. The good news is, nearly everything is now squared away and we are on track to begin our campaign on October 1, 2018 as planned!

My producer and guitarist, Dave Stagner, wrote a wonderful blog on Medium detailing his experiences so far with making the record. I wanted to link it here so you could all read his insightful and heartfelt words. Check it out:

The Road of Trials

Make sure to check back here or on our social media channels on October 1 for a link to our Kickstarter! We promise you won’t be able to miss it.