now I feel it, can't deny it
could be fear, it could be love
begging me to let my hair down
help you slip out of your gloves
you've come here to be the only
fleeting comfort I may find
but the whims of every body
bow to duty kept in mind

here's a little bit of solace
that I've begged & that I've borrowed
so today I could be happy
but there's always a tomorrow
I would hold you, I would keep you
but the feeling's uninvited
cause I've seen too much of love here
& it's always unrequited

like the left hand to my right hand
you are always at my side
never fearful, never failing
never hurt to be denied
speak to me in jokes & riddles
speak to me in foreign tongues
I'll respond with weak defenses
still afraid to be the one


so I float now in the darkness
stuck with this life that you gave
seems to me the hardest battle's
to believe I should be saved
cause this war is never over
even though we're out of time
I'll remember, I'll repay them
vengeance at least will be mine

This is a little more overtly fannish than some of my other dorky songs,
mostly because it was recorded for overtly fannish purposes in the form of babylon5_love

I don't know what I think about this song overall, but it got the job done, anyway..