The Martyr

now listen closely to me darling
cause I think I could be good for you
you need someone to take the blame
& I need some love for what I do
so stand there where they all can see you
put that pair of scissors to my throat
so I can say in shaky whispers
"no, really, this is what I'm owed"

someday you'll meet your enemy & he will be you
but I'll be the hero, you know I'll save you
someday you're gonna see I took his bullets for you
cause I am the saint & I am the martyr
so I wince & I laugh as the tears roll down
& your hooks go sinking in farther
until the only question is what have you done
with all the blood I already gave you?

now everybody says it's so sad
when they see us limping on our way
they're saying you're my minefield friend
& they're saying I'm a fool to stay
but they don't know you like I know you
no, in fact, they don't know anything
cause past the smiles & cheap denials
it's always me who pulls the strings


my fiendish plan has been revealed now
but it hardly even gets a mention
cause who'd believe I'd give myself
just to get a little more attention?

cause more than you know now I'm tired
of both of our childish behavior
this bargain's just a bad excuse
so find yourself another savior


today I met my enemy & she was just me
& I'm not a hero, this isn't my time
today I've come to see that I've held back none of me
trying to be the saint, trying to be the martyr
so I pick myself up & wish on a scar
as the truth comes hitting me harder
until the only question is how do I stop
up all this blood I never knew was mine?


A story about a person I used to be.
I had a very vivid dream about a person from my past,
which pretty much sealed this song's fate as far as being written goes.