The Devil You Know

so all this is my fault
my brilliant mistake
it's my favorite disaster
all the love that we make
it's a matter of courage
as a matter of fact
but neither of us will leave here
with our souls intact

so give me something to fight with
I got a reason to go
but I'm still standing here frozen
still paralyzed by the devil I know
I'm tangled up in the memory
of what is gone now to waste
& though I say you make it easy
I'm still in love with
the sweetest little demon I will ever taste

you watch through the window
you fuck with my head
though you're no longer welcome
in my house, in my bed
I'm trying to stop you
before it's too late
but every time I get my chance
I still hesitate


one step over my line
now brings me to you
face to face with what I loved
& what I must do
tear away all that I have
replace it with pain
but when you've stripped & betrayed me
I am what remains


the sweetest little demon

I am a huge fan of the TV show "Buffy The Vampire Slayer".
One of my favorite plots from this show is season 2, when Angel loses his soul and turns evil.
A close friend and fellow Buffy fan challenged me to write a song about that plot.
This is the result, so this is for you, Nikki.