father, I have tried
to live inside your will
clawed my way into the daylight
learned to die & learned to kill
so I grew within my shelter
til I could not ignore
the deeds done by all those who
don't know what they're fighting for

stand for something, anything
open up your eyes & sing
no matter if your verses rhyme
stand or fall for what they sold you
the lies they told enfold you
just let them go while there's still time
now what's running through my head
is everything I never said
& all the light that's gone today
cast in shadow, but I see
that this light came from me
& I was standing in the way

life is narrowed down
to just one path to take
the inevitable outcome
of the choices that I make
so if all of my decisions
have brought me to this place
why should I be surprised when
I look up and see your face


the language of home
the language of trust
the language of strength
I speak to you now
no matter the blood
no matter the skin
no matter the world
no matter the pain
the language of care
no matter the star
no matter the darkness
the same voice somehow
no matter the loss
no matter the fear
the soul of creation
will cry out again

if I take a lamp
& shine it toward the wall
it will bring me understanding
but that isn't God at all
it depends on where you're standing
the image that you see
the soul of self-deception
is "God looks a lot like me"

(chorus 2x with bridge lyrics overlaid the second time)

Written for Babylon5_love in 2009.
This song is about the evolution of G'Kar's philosophy.