Good news, everybody:

Space Oddity Music Club & Brew Pub
is returning to MarsCon 2012!

Things looked uncertain for the fourth year of Space Oddity at first blush, considering that the party hosts will be having their first baby approximately 5 weeks before the con. However, we have decided that the existence of infants should be no impediment to attendance at sci-fi conventions, so we're going ahead with the party anyway. It has yet to be determined whether this was a stupid decision or not. Your help and your contributions will be largely responsible for figuring this out, we think!

By now, you pretty much know the drill of what we offer: delicious beer (some of it homebrewed), cheese and crackers, homebaked cookies (thanks, Mom!), card and board games and a lot of friendly geeks to play them with, roleplaying quote and story walls and space to share your own hilarious sayings and tales of derring-do, and fantastic music circles that encompass every genre and musical style imaginable. All of these things will be making their return in 2012. As in 2011, we do not plan to book concerts this year - maybe in 2013. Instead, we'll once again be hosting two (possibly three, depending on how we feel on Thursday) nights of awesome music circles that welcome and encourage all musicians and all styles - folk, filk, rock, dementia, nerdcore, you name it!

Want more information? Check out our Facebook page.

...and we still need your help! (Like really badly this time)

So yeah, it turns out that babies are expensive. They also take up a lot of time. This means that, more than ever before, we need help from other MarsCon attendees both to fund and finance the party, and to keep it running when it opens in the event that baby care takes up the entirety of our con (which is a definite possibility).

Money: Once again, we have adopted the tried and true strategy of "$20 x 20." That is to say, we are looking for 20 people who can each contribute $20 to the furtherance of this party. $20 x 20 will allow us to rent a room for the nights of the party, and purchase some snacks and a keg of tasty beer. Pledges above and beyond $20 x 20 are also welcome, of course. So if this sounds like the kind of party you want to see at MarsCon, please consider donating to the cause! $20 is ultimately just a guideline. If a larger or smaller amount trips your trigger, go for it! We also accept donations of booze, food, or whatever else you think might add to a . Please contact me via email ( if you want to support the party in another way.

Volunteers: In the past, it hasn't been a hardship for us to get everything set up for Space Oddity and then keep the party room open, the beer flowing, and the music circle rocking on our own with very little assistance. This year, with a 5-week-old baby on our hands, things are likely to be very different. For this reason, we DESPERATELY need reliable volunteers to help with the following aspects of the party:

If you have more time than money, this is a wonderful way you can help us out without needing to spend a dime - just a few hours out of your con to do something we think is pretty fun anyway!

The following people have pledged their money and/or their time to the Player Characters' room party! Don't you want to join them in their awesomeness? If so, please let me know via comments or by emailing If you want to volunteer during the party, let us know in the email what aspects of the party we can count on your help with: load-in and set-up (Thursday afternoon/evening), party-sitting (Friday and Saturday evenings - must be 18 or older to dispense drinks), and/or tear-down and load-out (Saturday night and Sunday morning). Monetary contributions may be sent via Paypal to that same address. You may also make a pledge for later if you wish. Please note that we WILL hold you to the stated amount of your contribution if you do not pay upon pledging, and we WILL hold you to ; we don't expect that everyone who reads this will contribute, but we do expect that everyone who agrees to help us will follow through on their promise.

1. Beth Kinderman
2. Eric Zawadzki
3. Don & Sharla Stremski

We hope to see you there, and thanks for your support!

- Beth Kinderman, geek in charge of music

- Eric Zawadzki, geek in charge of beer and games

- and a cast of dozens of dear friends who help make this party happen, Dave Stagner and Rachel Traynham foremost among them.