when I wore your faith like a hand-me-down
you expected that it wouldn't fit
if it's a little bit baggy, a little too long
gotta give it time, grow into it
now you act so surprised that the growing never stopped
& I show up in a different set of clothes
you can tear at my garments but I warn you my redemption
runs deeper than the vestments that I chose

so shout it to the heavens
my denial of your savior
when the straw that broke my aching back
was laid down by your behavior
in the circle where I stand now
through myself I'll be forgiven
& when I feel the power in my blood
I know that my redeemer liveth

yeah, I could have been a more careful girl
clenched my fist & bit my bleeding tongue
but now the woman inside says she's tired of being
every fucking thing to everyone
& I'm sorry you're hurt but I'm not sorry I spoke
I'm not sorry that I just called what I saw
cause I've learned when you calculate the price of every sentence
soon you don't open up your mouth at all


I call upon the east
so my voice will ring with truth & wisdom
call upon the south
to ignite passion in my hands
call upon the west
to accept the flow & ebb of water
call upon the north
for solid ground on which to stand
balance in the center reaching inward for the One
who is open to all corners & all sides
She knows that I have hurt you but She also knows that this faith
is something I no longer dare to hide

if you'd stopped me there, showed me I was rude
maybe then this guilt would ring more true
but then you wrote down your name with a final fervent wish
that I'd come round to be just like you
so you'll pray to your god that someday I'll know the fear
of a hateful selfish deity & kneel
but this world is my Goddess & she's in my every breath now
so tell me, what on earth could be more real?

(chorus 2x)