I turn the hours back again & again
to revisit each touch you gave me
I want your arm around my shoulders once more
& my head resting there on your knee
you said you were a pomegranate
don't you know, that's my favorite fruit
I love the taste of it & its seeds' color
don't you know that your joke was the truth?

you were a name I'd heard a few things about
from the mountains of madness you came
you brought me time & colors I could not see
& now none of my dreams are the same
my doors are open & my arms spread wide
won't you come into my home?
I've set a banquet table here on the edge
& I'm tired of eating alone

homesick for everything that I never had
I pretend that my blanket is you
just read your poetry right here on the couch
let me stay for a moment or two
you said that life is not worth living
& I fear you will die unexplained
now I just want to give you one good reason
will you stay if I bear half your pain?

the Song of Solomon begins to describe
how I fall when your eyes watch my face
I hated love until I met it halfway
& my arms begged a single embrace
we've both been lonely for the longest time
& life cuts me to the bone
my bed is warm, I've got the covers turned down
& I'm tired of sleeping alone

I hear your voice across the mountains of spice
I have grown, I'm becoming a wall
a bramble lily, I am Sharon's rose
& my soul's love's been found after all
you think that I am a good person
& you're happier when I am near
so I will try to be who you think I am
& hope someday to love without fear

oh won't you comfort me with apples, my love
with your left hand supporting my head
& set me firmly as a seal on your heart
for my love won't be drowned when we're dead
just lay your eyes on me & please do not lie
if you feel, make me your own
our lives conspired to reach for hands we could take
& I'm tired of being alone

Written: Winter 1998, age 15.
I can't believe it's been this long and this song still won't leave me alone.
I can't wait to record this the way I hear it in my mind and turn it into what it wanted to be, all those years ago.