I raise my head, survey my kingdom
in the flat decaying light
I swear I never have seen a place
so ordinary in my life
we gotta rebuild it all to best befit
a person of my stature
cause maybe if I scream loud enough
they'll think I think that it still matters
so bring on your best wine women & song
til we become one with our true selves
or just until the room stops spinning
if I speak truth I might just see how I've been wrong
but if I pretend I'm in the right
it means my people are still winning

oh no, I can't believe
the things I'm hearing in my voice
as it turns out, if you want power
you have to give up every choice
once I could have kept myself safe on the floor
but my shoes are too tight & I don't dance anymore
guess my one chance now is to turn away
& hope you can forgive me someday

"what do you want?" he asks
& all in a flash I know the answer
for my world to be as it once was
shining, cured of every cancer
seems I'm the only one who remembers
all the wonder we could be
& the fact that I'm a patriot
will surely be the death of me
until then let's see how far I can go
let's see how much blood that I can spill
before I have to say I'm sorry
& history won't suspect & none of you will ever know
that all that I've done was in the service
of a vision of greater glory


"three chances you will have to save yourself"
she says, "that's more than most get"
so I wonder why when the chips are down
it seems I always forget
to save the eye that does not see
or maybe the one who's already dead
but they both passed me by in silence
like every merciful thought in my head
so here's to my love & I drink the pain down
all of the rest of you can burn
as long as I can still get my vengeance
so heavy the head that wears a broken crown
because now I know the way that awaits me
& it's time to stop pretending

(chorus 2x)

standing here at the end remembering when this dream was only a dream & I lost count of the number of times my crimes came down on your head & still you are here & it's so clear to me my vision is pulling itself up off of the ground so wrap your hands around til I don't have to ask you to forgive anymore...

Written for Babylon 5 love month, August 2007.
Somebody wrote:
"The tough thing about Londo was that JMS made him so damn *likable*."