News From 2010

10/15: The Player Characters have FOUR SHOWS scheduled this November, three of which are taking place outside our native Minnesota. It's almost like a real tour and everything! Check out the just-updated shows page for more information.

9/3: My new original song "Several Steps Behind" has been posted in the Music section. The list of upcoming shows has also been updated.

6/24: More Songs About Robots & Death is now available for purchase! Want to check it out before you buy? Have a free download of the rocking studio version of "Yield." Also, when you come out to hear us live this summer, you will notice that Nikki Walker has been temporarily replaced on backing vocals by Kelly Reich of Candles Enough. We wish Nikki well as she spends the summer in Florida and thank Kelly for being willing to step in on such short notice!

4/29: Three months without updates? I will endeavor to do better. More Songs About Robots & Death will be released at the end of June, containing various humorous songs and covers. Until then, I've updated the list of upcoming shows to let you know where to find us this spring and summer. You might also enjoy listening to us sing an appalling filk, "Malcom Reynolds," on The FuMP.

1/30: My new original song "Yield" has been posted in the Music section. Also, thanks to those who have donated to Space Oddity Music Club & Brew Pub - please keep it up to help us give an awesome party!

1/4: Happy New Year! The list of upcoming shows has been updated. Watch this space over the next few weeks for new songs and further information about shows and events...

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