the sunrise on the highway
lights up another motel bed
wherein I lie denying
morning & the last words that we said
gotta get up get on the road again
the shower's cold & the coffee's bad
just another day shaping up to be
among the worst I ever had
nothing to keep me here, I could leave at any time
but I'm giving you a few more miles before I leave it all behind

cause sometimes there's a change in me
it happens when my back is turned
& I remember how it used to be
just you & me against the world
what do you say we just get a move on
& not stand still while we're still alive
I'll fill the tank, you pick the music
& I won't even ask you why if we can just

a hundred towns behind us
we've got a hundred more to go
what did you hope to find here?
there are days I wonder if you know
but I know you're keeping your secrets close
although you didn't exactly lie
& you're saying that I'm in anguish, well
I know you are, but what am I?
no reason to go on no matter what you say
but it's not like I've got somewhere else to be at this moment anyway


we travel through the night now
beat down & battered by the wind
the headlights do so little
tape cues up that same damn song again
I have lost more than you can fathom, friend
& you're hurt deeper than I can know
but now I am my brother's keeper so
get used to never letting go
& you're about to say I'm not who you expect
but I want you to shut up a minute & let's just see what happens next


the sunrise on the highway
lights up another motel bed

Written from the perspective of Sam Winchester of the TV show "Supernatural".
(Originally I wanted to write from Dean's perspective,
until I realized that doing so would require me to pull out a face-melting electric guitar solo,
which I didn't feel quite up to at the present time...)