come a little closer, haven't I seen your body before?
if I squint I can mistake you for somebody I adore
he's right here, standing beside me, he goes with me everywhere
I'd take him not for granted but he doesn't seem to care
cause every time I say I'll save him from her he'll just smile & refuse
I'm beginning to think he likes it to be this broken & abused

so who's that hanging on my hand today
it's the least of my romances
I'd keep on trying but I've come too far
to believe in second chances
so I'm giving up absolutely everything
to this pitiful attraction
but ask me to explain it & I'll gladly say
hey, look, it's a distraction

once I was a rebel, in on it all & out until dawn
I walked around the city with my independence on
now I'm thirsty but I'm sober, not by choice, I've been denied
but second best is better than to stay alone inside
cause he's a joker & a loser waiting to be rescued from himself
he is everything I wanted but he belongs to someone else


I'm not in love with you
but I'm not in love with anything
I don't even love myself sometimes
so the story goes
I'm not ashamed of this
but I'm not ashamed of many things
& I think this time it'll turn out fine
just so long as you never know
I'm not afraid of being lonely
I'm not afraid of being bored
just don't let me be forgotten
you can do what you want but just don't let me be ignored

you've got me where you want me, I raise my hands & claim defeat
get lost in your caresses & the words that you repeat
& when you lead me to your bedroom you know I will not resist
cause I'll live any lie to tear myself away from this
maybe someday he'll cut me down from here, he left me just enough rope
but until then I will just dangle, choking on this fraying hope

(chorus 2x)

Another of those increasingly common "not about me" songs...
It's about wanting someone you can't be with because they're involved with someone else,
and settling for the next best thing and KNOWING you are settling but being too afraid of being alone to do anything else.
It was inspired by a lot of things, but mostly a dorky saying that one of my friends has: "Look, a distraction!"
The first time I played this live, when I got to the chorus we both started laughing so hard I had to stop, and this is not a funny song!